NEW Luxury Lash Extensions in Eco-Friendly Packaging! Lash love, Planet Approved.

Luxury Mega Volume Lash Extensions (.03)

Luxury Mega Volume Lash Extensions (.03)

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The lashes you love, now in new eco-friendly packaging!

Mega fluff!

Luxury Mega Volume Lash Extensions (0.03) are gorgeous, light and fluffy. Made with the finest highly flexible synthetic fibers, allowing you to create the perfect fan. These light, beautiful, deep black lashes can be used to make fans up to 15D. With dependable curl you can count on, every time. Perfect for creating a blackout mega volume set or a more natural look on clients that require a lighter lash. 

Whether you are fanning off the strip or using any other technique, you will love these gorgeous luxury lashes.

When building your fans off the strip you need a great starting point and the glue strip makes all the difference. The way the lashes sit on the glue strip makes it easier to spread the lashes and makes pick up a breeze! 

New transparent glue strip allows you to see the base of the fan clearly as you’re creating it, making it easier than ever to create the perfect fan!

Foil-backed for effortless removal, leaving no residue on your lash tile. New magnetic closure boxes open to reveal the lashes with exceptionally easy access from the side.

Clearly labeled on every line with diameter, length, and curl, removing any guess work.

With 16 lines per tray, you'll have an abundance of lashes for your professional lashing needs!

Rest easy knowing our lash extensions are vegan and cruelty-free, because beauty should never harm animals. ♡🐝