Lash and Brow Lamination Kit
Lash and Brow Lamination Kit

Lash and Brow Lamination Kit

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Mini Kit Contents 

10 x Lift solution satchels 

10 x Neutralizer Solution satchels 

10 x Lash and Brow Botox satchels 

1 x Lift Tool

1 x 5 pack of Shields

1 x Y Comb

5 x mini brow brushes 

10 x under eye pads

STEP 1                                                       Bourdon Beauty Lift & Lamination Solution

18 months of testing and we have the perfect system for both lashes and brows. This systems was created to be mild enough for the skin as well as being strong enough to lift thick lashes. 

Step 1 breaks down the bonds to allow you to create the shape the client desires. 

Possessing times are dependent on the thickness of the hair.

Place solution the base to the center of the lashes. Never apply step 1 on or near the tips of the lashes. 

Lashes - 8 to 10mins *Stonger lashes can take longer. Down turned thick lashes will need more time added. 

All timing is suggested. Please watch closely. 

Processing time will vary according to the strength of the lashes. Even thin lashes can be strong. 9 minutes seems to be the magic number on med to thick lashes according to our product tester. All lashes will require different times. 

Brows - 4-8mins

Apply a thin layer at the base of the brows then layer. Comb gently to make sure all the hairs are covered. Layer generously to completely cover the brows. Leave for 2 minutes then lightly comb the bows into place. Keep a watchful eye, checking continuously until the brow move freely.  Brow hair can processvery fast. Remove product from the areas that are processed. Often the heads and tails process faster. Thicker areas may require more time and product. Do not leave your client at any time. Brush very lightly to protect the skin from becoming irritated. Use a soft fine brush. 

Patch tests are recommended for all products for sensitive clients. 

10 single satchelspl per bag.  Each satchel contains 1ml of product. 

Each satchel contains enough product to preform 2 Lifts or 1 Brow Lam and a Lift depending on the thickness of the hair. 

Use opened product within 24 hours forvthe best results. 

Bourdon Beauty Neutralizer Solution 


Neutralizer Solution is the second step to your lash or brow procedure. Neutralizer stops the  process and shapes the hair in the direction it is placed.  Apply generously from the base to tips of the lashes. Cover. 

Carefully place the brows in the direction you want them to stay. Comb solution generously  through the brows. Cover. 

Lashes: 5-8mins

Brows: 4-6mins

10 single satchelspl per bag.  Each satchel contains 1ml of product. 


Bourdon Beauty Lash and Brow Botox

Lash and Brow Botox is the final step. This step rehydrates the lashes and brows and makes them thick, full, strong and shiny. 

Lashes : 10-15mins

Brows : 8-12mins

10 single satchelspl per bag.  Each satchel contains 1ml of product. 

Tint as usual for both lashes and brows. 

All three steps must be used. 


These products are sold to certified professionals only. 

Bourdon Beauty is not responsible for the miss use of any of our products.