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Cysteamine Lash and Brow Lamination

Lash Lift and Brow Lamination with Cysteamine 3 step system.

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10 x Cysteamine based Step 1 

10 x Neutralizer Step 2

10 x Lash&Brow Botox Step 3 (aftercare)


Cysteamine Lash & Brow Lifting lotion is a the first step in the Lamination/lift process that suits both lashes and brows. Our formula achieves the best results with lash/brow-friendly ingredients like cysteamine and amino acids.

Cysteamine Lash & Brow Lifting lotion is a gentle formula that nourishes lashpes and brows when used correctly.

Your clients will leave your lash & brow service with lashes & brows that are stronger and healthier than the ones they came in with.

Bring weakened lashes and brows back to life in a matter of minutes with our Cysteamine based product. 

Our Cysteamine system is taking over!!

Step1 ,2 and 3 included.